Livingston Parish Coroner's Office  
Ron Coe, M.D., Coroner

PO Box 1507, 20355 Government Blvd. Suite C, Livingston, LA 70754
Phone: 225.686.3980 • Fax: 225.686.3979
Organ Donation

The Livingston Parish Coroner’s Office is committed to carrying out a person’s wishes to be a lifesaving donor. Through our work and cooperation with the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency and the Baton Rouge Eye Bank, we make donation an option for the community that we serve. The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency is a non-profit organ procurement organization dedicated to coordinating organ and tissue donation in the State of Louisiana.  The Baton Rouge Eye Bank is a non-profit supplier of eye tissue for the purpose of restoring sight.
Often times, the most senseless and tragic deaths will be deaths of individuals in the prime of their lives.  Families and loved ones that find themselves faced with a tragic and untimely death, will often try to make sense of the death in the grand scheme of God’s will, attempting to find some good, some positive and to come to peace with the death of their loved one.  Often times, this process of healing will involve the decision by the family to choose life and to choose “the choice” of organ donation and to share the gift of life in their very personal and tragic time of death.  For family members, the death of a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences, but donation gives meaning even after death. To become an organ and tissue donor, contact the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency at 1.800.521.4483 or go to and give LIFE.
To give the gift of sight, contact the Baton Rouge Eye Bank at 225.766.8996 or go to

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