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A Mass Fatality Disaster is defined as an occurrence of multiple deaths that overwhelms the usual routine capabilities of a community.

The purpose of this Mass Fatality Plan is to formulate plans of action and assign responsibility of duties in the event of a catastrophic disaster in Livingston Parish which may exceed local available resources for handling such a disaster. This plan provides a structure for coordination and communication among multiple parish, state and federal agencies and other organizations for the sole purpose of providing mass fatality and disaster assistance.

The Livingston Parish Coroner’s Office will rely upon the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for notification of mass fatality events and upon the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals for notification of medical mass fatality events.  In the event of a mass fatality within Livingston Parish, the Coroner Command Response Team shall be immediately notified and activated.  This team consists of the Coroner, the Chief of Operations and all Coroner Office staff.  The Coroner Command Response Team will assist to determine the safety of the mass fatality scene, estimate the number of fatalities, determine accessibility of scene and necessary equipment for recovery of fatalities, assist in arranging for delivery of supplies and equipment to mass fatality scene, assist in setting up staging area, family assistance center and incident morgue, and evaluate need for available resource utilization.

Definable Mass Fatality Events

  1. Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Hail and Snowstorms, Communicable Infectious Diseases, Epidemic, Pandemic
  2. Man Made Disasters: Biological Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Conventional Warfare, Nuclear, School Related Incidents, Mass Suicide, Mass Murder
  3. Accident Related Disasters: Aircraft, Train, Bus, Boat, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Drowning, Building Collapse, Fire, Explosion, Chemical
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